shift for gmail

Use multiple Gmail and outlook accounts with one software


Tired of Switching between Gmail Accounts? You have multiple Gmail accounts and have to change browser tabs again and again?

Use multiple Gmail and outlook accounts with shift. this software can help you to get access to multiple email accounts at one place.

Well, I have 10+ Gmail and Outlook accounts, and I was tired because of changing the browser every time I need to check my other email inboxes. Now I am a Shift user.

Here’s why:

I’ve tried other email management solutions

I tried numerous solutions, including Mailbox and Apple mail but none of them worked well with all of my accounts the way I wanted them to work. As you may know, Mailbox only works with Gmail-based accounts, but I also have some outlook emails.


What is Shift ?

Shift into higher gear with the email client that makes navigating between Mail, Calendar and Drive accounts fast, easy, and beautiful.

Use Gmail like a pro.

Say welcome to an excellent higher Gmail solution, with your entire accounts in a single stunning software.

shift for gmail

Quick access to unlimited Gmail and Outlook accounts.

You spend lots of time of your day by checking e-mail, Calendar, and Drive accounts. Now you can ease up and stop losing your time navigating between them (and questioning what you are lacking!) and get extra work done.

Beautiful Design

The shift is a good looking answer to your extra browser tabs, incognito, and logging-in-logging-out nightmare. Use Gmail, Calendar, and Drive, for all of your accounts in one place without the mess.
Shift can give you desktop notifications so you can check your inbox in real time. You can also customize desktop notification settings to get all of the reminders you need.

This fantastic tool works on Windows, Mac, and Linux as an independent of a browser, and grouped by account.

Shift Privacy and how it works

Shift follows the OAuth protocol very precisely as it meant. OAuth authorizes Shift (regionally) to enter your emails and obtain permission from you PC. An identification token is saved towards your Shift account within the cloud. However, the token required to enter your emails all the times.

Shift can deal with your mail privately without the threat that anybody, wherever – apart from you – can get access to your info, data, or emails.

Is it safe to sync multiple mailboxes through my Shift Account?

OAuth providers (like Microsoft and Google) provide an identity token as part of the OAuth sign-in process.

An id token is cryptographically signed and solely identifies somebody. Sharing this token doesn’t authorize anybody to do something (it not like reading your emails).

Once Shift has finished signing in with Google or Microsoft, it will reach out to our servers and send up the identity token. If the token can be decrypted, then we know who is making the request and can start syncing their mailbox information.That’s it! Shift is designed with privacy in mind.



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