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Turn Your Ideas Into Pages with the Fastest, Truly Visual Editor for WordPress

thrive architect

Thrive Architect is the best content creator, page editor. Many authority websites are using this tool to create excellent home pages or landing pages. I also love it and find it an amazingly interesting tool to create pages, posts, etc., etc. , but as you may know, every WordPress plugin is not perfect. In this review, I am going to show you the pro's, cons of Thrive builder.



Ease of Use

A complete content builder for WordPress, But it's still under development and it needs some tweaks as well.



There is no free option in this plugin, but you can still get one of the cheapest page builders on the market at only $67 one-time.



Very powerful and Capable of recreating virtually any design and you can also integrate with other Thrive products


customer support

Many people know that thrive's customer support is not that good, but has promised to change that moving forward

what's Good

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    Cheaper then others (67$ for single product licence)
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    Very easy to install
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    Very responsive with clean and user friendly UI
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    Fully loaded with great elements
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    Lot's of customization options
  • check
    HTML and CSS syntax editor for customization
  • check
    120+ pre-designed landing page templates

what's Bad

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    Bugs with different elements
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    Not freely drag-able elements 
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    No new elements have added in this version  (may they add them later) 
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    Crowded option panel
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    This plugin only works with WordPress hosted websites and it will not work on free WordPress.com    websites

 You Can Remove Thrive architect and It won't  break anything

Many people worries about a page builder plugin that  What happens if they decide to remove the plugin?

With most other page builders (including the older version - Thrive Content Builder) if you delete the plugin, you are left with a mess of codes looking like this:  

Now finally, Thrive team have listened to their loyal customers and fix this problem. They provide the solution of this big problem πŸ™‚ 

In thrive architect,  when you remove the plugin, all the particular elements converts to WordPress standard elements (text, lists, paragraphs, headings, etc.)
All the thrive elements will now  break down into the most appropriate WordPress elements they can find. 

Here is the detailed Video about this problem .... 

So, The thrive Team launched this amazing plugin last week, and i was like now its a "party time" , lets rock it. 

I tested the plugin by myself and i must say it's amazing with tons of features and very easy to use framework. 

It's also comes with some drawbacks like: Bugs, limitations,  etc.

What Is Thrive Content Builder Architect ?

Thrive Architect is known as β€˜what you see is what you get’ -- or you can say  WYSIWYG -- WordPress editor. 

If you want to add  a pre-designed template to your page, click on the settings symbol, then Template Setup > Choose Landing Page Template.


  • Paragraph / Text
  • Heading
  • Image
  • Button
  • Columns
  • Background section/ video background
  • Content Box
  • Content templates 
  • Click to tweet
  • Content reveal
  • Countdown
  • Countdown Evergreen
  • Credit card 
  • Custom HTML
  • Custom menu
  • Disqus comments
  • Facebook comments
  • Divider
  • Fill counter
  • Google Map
  • Icons
  • Lead generation
  • Post grid
  • Progress bar
  • social share
  • star rating
  • styled list
  • Table
  • Table of content
  • Tab
  • Testimonial
  • Toggle
  • Video 
  • WordPress content
  • Thrive leads shortcodes (Thrive Integration) 

Some of The elements are missing from Thrive architect πŸ™ , like: pricing table and content container [ that i liked the most] , but still it's an amazing list of elements and you should try in your next big post or in a page

So, how does Thrive Architect save you from downloading all those extra plugins?

yes , you heard it right ... 

You don't have to use any extra plugins, Thrive theme's agenda was always clear that build a platform where users can get all the features in one place and don't use some extra plugins in WordPress. 

In thrive Architect you will get all the following things and you do not need plugins ( also your website speed will be up all the time) It's a good thing right ? πŸ™‚ 

  • Click to tweet
  • Comment systems ( Disqus, Facebook ) 
  • Countdown timers
  • Ratings 
  • Icons 
  • Google and others fonts
  • etc ..... 



Single License


  • check
    Install on 1 website 
  • check
    All features Included
  • check
    Unlimited free updates
  • check
    1 year customer support

5 License Pack


  • check
    Install on 1 website 
  • check
    All features Included
  • check
    Unlimited free updates
  • check
    1 year customer support

15 License Pack


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    Install on 1 website 
  • check
    All features Included
  • check
    Unlimited free updates
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    1 year customer support

Thrive Membership for agencies and web designers – $69 per month (Paid quarterly) or, $49 per month (Paid annually).


If you buy Thrive membership you will get access to All Thrive themes and Plugins as well .... πŸ™‚ 

Thrive Architect Just Blow my Mind , and i can't stop experimenting new things with this plugin on my websites πŸ™‚ , i just can't stop πŸ˜› 

I have used so many content builders/page builders on my own sites and client's sites as well, but i never seen such an amazing plugin before .... 

Your Grandmother can Use this Fu**king plugin so easily πŸ˜› πŸ˜› 

Ready To go and launch your website with pre-made landing page templates. 

If you want to remove this plugin then it will not going to break your website  with a mess of shortcodes 

So, what are you waiting for ? Get this Plugin ASAP and build a website and make some $$$$$ ( enough, or you want to make it more ? ) πŸ˜›