Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Google Chrome is one of the most used browser worldwide across various platforms.It features clean design, easy to interact UI, simple to use and most importantly the plugins which ease a significant number of tasks.


There are a wide variety of plugins available on the google chrome website. We have made a list of 5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers to help you ease your work and increase productivity. These are the top plugins that every blogger must have during their journey in the blogging industry.

1)  Grammarly :

Grammarly is the best time saver for bloggers while writing articles.It keeps a check while you are writing online in platforms like Blogger and WordPress. It ensures you don’t make any typo or punctuation errors.The best feature of Grammarly is it works in real-time and checks your text using 250+ grammar rules.What adds icing to the cake is the plagiarism checker which detects any copied content which matches the content of some other websites.

Overall Grammarly is one of the best tools for bloggers who are looking either to improve the command over English language or save their valuable time during blogging.

Download Grammarly Here

2) Buffer :

Buffer is the best solution for sharing content on social media.Whenever you come across content that is worth sharing on social media platforms, you just need to click the buffer button and a box will pop-up which lets you share the content on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. It is easy and comfortable to share content using Buffer than it can surprise you. Either you can share a piece of content with a single click or schedule it to be shared at a later time.Buffer makes the task much easier for you, and it is one of the tools worth using as a blogger.

In smaller words, Buffer is the easier way to share, organize and manage your timeline, see detailed analytics and create new posts comfortably.

Download Buffer Here

3) Crystal for Gmail:

Crystal is a magician when it comes to sending emails. Using some cool algorithms, it tells you the type of email you need to write to someone thereby increasing the chances of a positive response from the other side. Using the type of content shared by a person like blog posts, forum posts, and tweets, it tells the way you need to start communication with a person to build real networks. This is an era in blogging where networking is your networth, so Crystal can be the game changer for you. It enhances the communication and makes you go with the flow.Without any doubt, go for it and experience the change.

Download Crystal for Chrome Here

4) SEO for Chrome:

SEO for Chrome is an awesome plugin for bloggers. It tells metrics like PageRank, no of indexed pages and backlinks for any website. It makes the art of spying your competitor much easier for you. This plugin fetches these metrics based on the data of ranking providers like Google PageRank and Complete. SEO for Chrome is one of the best metrics tools you can get in the market.

If you are looking to rule the game of blogging and be on the top, spying each and every step of your competitor is a must, and this step is made easier by SEO for Chrome plugin so get it at any cost.

Download SEO for Chrome Here

5) Open SEO Stats:

It is one of the most detailed and well informative plugins for checking the kind of SEO of a website. It gives some major metrics which are hidden even in some paid plugins. Apart from the backlinking strategy, you can also check metrics like social shares and server details of almost any website on the Internet.

You can download Open SEO Stats Here 

I hope this list of 5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers will help you to be more active, aware and a better blogger.Do tell me in the comments below if there are more such awesome plugins for Bloggers. Make sure you share this article if it helped you.

A Guest Post by Hardik Anand