Best way to advertise on Facebook

Best way to advertise on Facebook

The best way to advertise on Facebook is the ability to target your ads specifically to particular audiences. This means that you can ensure only people who are likely to want to buy from you see your ads and that you aren’t wasting any of your budgets on clicks that don’t end up converting. In this post you can learn Advanced Targeting Strategies for Facebook Ads

Best way to advertise on Facebook

Facebook, like many other social networks and advertising platforms, allows you to target your ads based on all the general demographics such as age and sex. Where Facebook goes above and beyond, though, is in providing you with advanced tools to target people by a range of different factors. Consider some of these basic options and build them into your campaign…

More Specific Targeting
Firstly, Facebook Ads allows you to target your audience based on a lot more metrics than just those main two. You can also target based on location for instance, by selecting a location on a map and then deciding how far outside that area you want your marketing to spread.

Best way to advertise on Facebook is that you can also target your audience based on their hobbies and interests – so that you could sell a weights bench only to fitness fanatics for instance. You can also look at your audience based on things like their likelihood of owning property, thereby ascertaining whether or not they’re likely to have the space for your weights bench.

Advanced Filtering
Being able to choose these specific stats and show ads accordingly would be impressive enough on its own. However, Facebook goes above and beyond by allowing you to filter your audience by looking for specific combinations of those elements and even by excluding people in certain groups!

Like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads also offers the handy ability to remarket. This means that you’re showing people ads after they have already been to your website and shown an interest in what you’re selling. If someone lingers on the checkout button and changes their mind, for instance, you can later show them your advert at a time when they may be filling a little more impulsive.

Custom Lists
Even handier is the ability to create your custom audience. You can do this by using emails collected for a mailing list for example and Facebook will then attempt to assign each of those emails to a relevant Facebook contact. They can even find you more people to advertise to who fall into similar categories based on your list!